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  1. How Can We Know that the Bible is God's Word?
    24 Jul, 2017
    How Can We Know that the Bible is God's Word?
    How would you like to see a proof from God that was more powerful than raising someone from the dead? You can! What if you could quickly and easily prove that the Bible is God’s own word? Wouldn’t it boost your faith and help you bring others to Christ? Let’s examine just a few of the ways that the Bible proves itself. The following is adapted from my book, “Choose Life”; check it out and sign up for periodic articles that will help you save souls at diggingintheword.com. Understanding how God
  2. God's Good News versus Satan's Gospel
    21 Jul, 2017
    God's Good News versus Satan's Gospel
    What if people thought they were serving Christ, but were actually serving Satan? Following is adapted from my book Choose Life, available here. The bad news is that people are being taught a false gospel, which is leading them away from God and toward eternal punishment. This is no surprise, since the inspired Apostle Paul warned against such teachers (Galatians 1:8). Jesus also warned of false teachers, who produce sons of Hell instead of sons of God (Matthew 23:15). It should also not