Digging in the Word

Bible Proofs God’s Way: How We Can Know the Bible is God’s Word from the Word Itself​, $25, plus $3 s&h
Have you ever read about evidence for believing the Bible? This subject area is often called "apologetics". It's a fascinating study. But most studies like this have a lot of focus on things like science or man's reasoning. Then it hit me one day: the Bible is full of them, from beginning to end, and they are far wiser than man's ideas could ever hope to be. So here is a massive study of how God proves himself. This is essential for growing our own faith, and for bringing others to God. You can't bring others to Christ if you can't "open their understanding" of the Sriptures like Christ did! (Luke 24:45)

361 pages, paperbound

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Evangelism God's Way:​ A Workshop on How to Win Souls with God's Own Methods​, $15, plus $3 s&h
Most training programs for evangelism cover how to teach Biblical doctrines; this book covers that, plus something so much more powerful: what God says about how to actually convince people to obey. Teaches the true gospel as presented in Acts 2:38/Romans 6:3,4. Over 65k words long, with lesson review questions at the end of each chapter.

Choose Life: All You Need to Live Christianity and Attain Eternal Life​, $15, plus $3 s&h
This book is intended as a devotional for the believer, as well as an appeal to the unbeliever. It provides both evidence for believing in God and His word, as well as encouragement to serve the Lord. Proves the one true gospel (Acts 2:38) and rebuts all false gospels; tells how to find the one true church. It can be used in Bible study, Bible class, or as a gift to bring others to God. Inludes study questions with each chapter.