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Have you ever read about evidence for believing the Bible? This subject area is often called "apologetics". It's a fascinating study. But most studies like this have a lot of focus on things like science or man's reasoning. Then it hit me one day: the Bible is full of them, from beginning to end, and they are far wiser than man's ideas could ever hope to be. So here is a massive study of how God proves himself. This is essential for growing our own faith, and for bringing others to God. You can't bring others to Christ if you can't "open their understanding" of the Sriptures like Christ did! (Luke 24:45) 361 pages, paperbound. $25

Bible Proofs God's Way:​ How We Can Know the Bible is God’s Word from the Word Itself

Topics Covered
  • How did God use Miracles? Does He still? How does the Bible offer far greater proofs than miracles? 
  • How did we get the Bible?
  • What books belong in the Bible?
  • What about the Apocrypha?
  • How can we be sure the Bible was copied accurately?
  • What are the differences between the translation quality when the King James Version was made, and now?
  • What is the translation controversy really about?
  • What good is ancient witness testimony?
  • Did the gospel go into all the world in the first century?
  • How to test the prophets.
  • What did Jesus say would convince the world, if we would just do it?
  • What are we missing when we read the Old Testament? How does the Bible all fit together and so show divine origin?
  • ​And much more!